Bio-Dot Scientific Equipments Pvt. Ltd. was founded and promoted in the year 2002 by a group of committed and visionary technocrat, engineers and professionals who foresaw the need for high quality laboratory equipments. Our activities got into veterinary diagnostic field as well as fabrication of stainless steel animal house products.

Skill capacity of the company has been based on broad experience of marketing and after sales support in wide range of field such as physiology, neuroscience, pharmacology, biotechnology, bio-medical engineering etc...

A small but selected group of individual successfully united and resourced innovative devices for scientific and applied research. Our field of interest includes classical physiological recording (Heart function, Blood Pressure, Blood Flow, Respiration and Temperature), Isolated Organ experiments (Langendorff, Neely Heart , Kidney etc..), Biomedical functions ( Striated smooth muscle and vessel preparation) Electrophysiological and other nervous recordings ( EEG, Evoked Potentials Nerve Conduction, Velocity, Cell Action Potential, Myograph etc..)

Bio-Dot covers wide range of devices including amplifiers, Transducers, Organ Baths & Isolated Organ Chambers, Perfusion System, Stimulators, Ultra Thermostat, Micromanipulator, Holders , Behaviour , NIBP system, Pulmonary Function systems and Software’s, Veterinary diagnostic Kits/ Vaccines, and Stainless Steel Products for animal house applications.

Our goal has been flexibility in terms of both of updating our products according to growing needs and scientific development and giving the user a wide range of variability when selecting different components for their system. Our systems are handy, simple to use, compact line for educational purpose for use in academics like colleges and universities.

Many of our products were evaluated by renowned laboratories including Governments R& D laboratories, Pharmaceutical companies, Universities, Medical colleges and have received excellent qualification.

Bio-Dot Scientific Equipments continues its innovative activity in co-operation with scientist and external advisors/ principal’s from most of the fast developing scientific areas but keeps its goal -Simple, Reliable & Affordable.


Started with following principles:

• Market products that cares for quality.

• Purchasing equipments with us you can be confident you are dealing with an expert.
• Our Service manpower provides you to install, repair and update equipment when you need them.

• Not compromising quality but lower price.
• Listen to customer need and offer you suitable instrument for your need.
• Before delivering the equipment our manufacturer run for 24 hrs at their factory facility.
• All the equipments are ISO certifications.

New Products News
ZF-02 System for Zebra Fish locomotors activity measurement

    The significance of non-traditional animals for evaluation of pharmaceutical products has been continuously increasing since the eighties. Zebrafish (Danio rerio) is one of the highlighted species...

Cardiovascular Diagnostic Station

    Telemetry family from Experimetria coming soon! Similarly to other Experimetria set-ups, the operation of these systems will be handy, easy to use, beside their durable characteristics. For further information, please contact with us! 

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